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The original and highly effective Bactador technology with biological microorganisms effectively and naturally removes odors and stains. n order to remove odors and stains correctly and sustainably, it is necessary not only to mask the odor source, but to eliminate it effectively. The microorganisms contained in Bactador live and multiply through the absorption and digestion of food and dirt. The digestive process causes the absorbed substance to be converted into energy, carbon dioxide and water and thus favors the multiplication of the microorganisms. The process is accelerated by the enormous multiplication of the microorganisms and thus the stain or smell is completely eliminated. As soon as there is no more dirt, the microorganisms die.

• Environmentally friendly
• Odorless
• Long-term effects
• Recommended by veterinarians

The Bactador odor and stain remover removes acute and long-lasting odors and stains in animal and household environments such as faeces and urine stains, pet odors and area markings, sweat, saliva and vomit, food and drink stains, etc. The Bactador odor and stain remover is suitable for direct Animal environment (litter box, blankets, baskets, scratching posts, cages and transport boxes), for household and commercial use (furniture, carpets, upholstery, cars, tiles, trash cans, toilets), for veterinary facilities (medical practices, waiting rooms, animal stables, recovery rooms), animal shelters and Animal boarding.

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