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ARDAP – The Original

For more than 30 years, the ARDAP brand has been synonymous with highly effective pest and insect control. The success story of ARDAP began with the universal preparation for the fight against vermin with long-term effects, which has developed over the years into the market leader.

From this experience, many other products have emerged which are used in everyday life wherever annoying pests such as beetles, mites, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders, asses, ants, wasps, etc. are perceived as disturbing.

You can find all products within our different catalogs. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

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Ticks love warm and damp places and lurk here their victims. Due to their high adaptability, these can also be found in different climate zones and environmental conditions. They often cling unnoticed to their host and begin to record the blood meal. In the “fully eaten” state, ticks can increase about 200 times their original body weight. The life cycle per stage is about 1 year (2-3 years in total).

What is FSME?

Early summer meningo encephalitis (FSME) is an inflammation of the brain and meninges caused by viruses. Infested ticks can transmit the viruses to their host’s bloodstream through their bite. Only about one in three infected people develops signs of disease. Flu-like symptoms such as fever, head and limb pain and dizziness can be evidence of FSME. The outbreak usually occurs 1 to 2 weeks after the tick bite, in rare cases only after up to 4 weeks. The sufferers are not contagious.


Ticks can transmit dangerous diseases to humans (life-related) diseases, e.g.: FSME(early-summer menigo-encephalitis), Lyme disease

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a general term for various infectious diseases that are caused by bacteria. All tissues and organs can be affected. Fatigue, night sweats, fever or joint and muscle pain can be the first signs of this disease. A typical sign, but not mandatory, is ring-shaped reddening of the skin around the tick bite. The onset of the disease occurs a few days to weeks after the bite. The sufferers are not contagious.


Humidity and heat are ideal factors for the development of the flea. In addition to the habitat on the animal, they can also be found in their surroundings, such as on furniture, skirting boards and carpets. With the egg laying also begins the first blood intake of the flea. Fleas are able to absorb 15 times their body weight in blood. Depending on external conditions, the flea can be between 3 weeks and 2 years old.

Detect flea infestation:

– the animal scratches remarkably often
– there are light and dark “crumbs” on the animal, these are feces and eggs of the fleas

Rub the flea faeces with a moistened white handkerchief. If the handkerchief turns red, it is a flea infestation!


Fleas can cause skin irritation and allergies. Tapeworms, anaemia and behavioural disorders can also be the result of flea bites.


The ARDAP pest control spray works reliably over 6 weeks.

Spray vermin preferred places with ARDAP pest control spray from about 30 cm apart until their surfaces appear slightly moist.
The killing effect on vermin occurs immediately after contact with the vermin.

Yes it works very well against adult fleas, but not against flea eggs, larvae and dolls. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the ARDAP Fogger or the ARDAP Long-term flea spray, as these two products contain the active substance “pyriproxyfen”, which interferes with the development cycle of eggs, larvae and dolls and thus cannot develop further. Thus, you are flea-free for over 6 months.

Yes, ARDAP pest control is also suitable for fighting vermin on the terrace, on the balcony and in the garden. Either the ARDAP pest control spray can be used or the ARDAP pest control concentrate in ready-to-use dilution. In addition, for the control of ants and wasps, there is the new ARDAP product series against ants and wasps, consisting of an ant bait can, an ants spreading and casting agent, an ants spray, a wasp spray and a wasp foam.

Yes, the ARDAP products can be used ideally for this. ARDAP GREEN Spray or Powder in particular are suitable for use.

No, you should close the doors and windows when using the ARDAP Fogger. The ARDAP Fogger only works in the room in which it is used, not across space.

The ARDAP Fogger is sprayed out of the can and distributed in the form of a fine mist in the room. All places, which are obscured by tables or chairs, for example, are not reached. Therefore, after use of the ARDAP Fogger, it is important to rework 400 ml with the ARDAP Long-term flea spray.

Yes, the ARDAP flea spray for use on the animal 250 ml can be sprayed directly on the fur of the dog or cat in case of flea infestation. The ARDAP flea spray for use on animals can be used from the 6th week!

The ARDAP Spot Ons are stirred up in the animal’s neck and then spread over the body fat on the animal’s entire skin. After about 24 hours, the substance is completely distributed across the body. The administration of a Spot On tube reliably keeps vermin away for up to 4 weeks.

The ARDAP pest control spray as well as the ARDAP flea spray for the environment also helps against bed bugs.


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